My name is Nullzerozewake. I'm Freelance Graphic Designer, Artist and Toy / figure Photographer & Reviewer from Thailand.



ภาษาไทยกดที่นี่ [MobiusFF]How to get 10 million+ score on Gigantuar Terrace Regrowth -------------------------------------------------------------------- Information about Gigantuar Terrace Regrowth -------------------------------------------------------------------- Stamina 6 Battles 3 Difficulty 5 Bombs: all Skillseeds x2.5, First Clear: all Skillseeds x30 and +0.5 from Mobius Gift box.... Continue Reading →


ภาษาไทยกดที่นี่ [MobiusFF x FFXIV]Multiplayer ★3QUEST The Ultima Weapon FFXIV Solo with Ultima Weapon's Phase 2 Theme!! Battle 1 :The Ultima Weapon Information about The Ultima Weapon Start the battle with AOE attack and 1 Laser debuff on each member. Laser... Continue Reading →

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