My name is Nullzerozewake. I'm Freelance Graphic Designer, Artist and Toy / figure Photographer & Reviewer from Thailand.



If You didn't see Spider-Man: Homecoming. Please skip this post. And for people who seen Spider-Man: Homecoming. I think, You would impress with The Post Credit Scene that How does it awesome? Someone told people who didn't see such as "Don't miss The Post Credit Scene" "Just see The Post Credit Scene. It's worth the ticket." etc. lol When I seen The Post Credit Scene, I feel a little dislike to Captain America. So I got an idea to made my Last Post Credit Scene which tell the story after The Post Credit Scene. Let's see it


ภาษาไทยกดที่นี่ Hi, I joined Arts Competition of Gangsters Kingdom 2016 by Damtoys. The Final Result depends on the sum of reposts & likes on Damtoys's Weibo, FB and IG. If you like my photos, You can support me by like the... Continue Reading →

The Art of Figure : Captain America Civil War.

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