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[Figure in Action]Spider-Man: Homecoming “Last Post Credit Scene”

If You didn’t see Spider-Man: Homecoming. Please skip this post.

And for people who seen Spider-Man: Homecoming. I think, You would impress with The Post Credit Scene that How does it awesome? Someone told people who didn’t see such as “Don’t miss The Post Credit Scene” “Just see The Post Credit Scene. It’s worth the ticket.” etc. lol When I seen The Post Credit Scene, I feel a little dislike to Captain America. So I got an idea to made my Last Post Credit Scene which tell the story after The Post Credit Scene. Let’s see it

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REVIEW Hasbro Deluxe Class AUTOBOT HOT ROD Transformers The Last Knight – Walmart Exclusive

Hot Rod is a new character in Transformers The Last Knight (TF5). Deluxe Class Hot Rod is an exclusive to Walmart stores and extensive retool of Lockdown (Transformers: Age of Extinction). While almost the entire figure has been remolded exclude the lower legs and feet that remain unchanged. The figure height is approximately 14 cm tall (From head to feet) and a bit taller than Lockdown. the figure does not include any weapons or accessories. (So Sad) Hot Rod transforms into a supercar, Lamborghini Centenario. And this vehicle mode took my heart!!

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[MobiusFF x FFXIV]Multiplayer ★3QUEST The Ultima Weapon FFXIV Solo with Ultima Weapon’s Phase 2 Theme!!

ภาษาไทยกดที่นี่ [MobiusFF x FFXIV]Multiplayer ★3QUEST The Ultima Weapon FFXIV Solo with Ultima Weapon’s Phase 2 Theme!! Battle 1 :The Ultima Weapon Information about The Ultima Weapon Start the battle with AOE attack and 1 Laser debuff on each member. Laser counter decrease 1 by using Esuna and Life Element Drives, not the entire debuff. (Defender’s Life…

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REVIEW S.H.Figuarts Anakin Skywalker (Attack of The Clones) Tamashii Web Shouten exclusive

Price 6,264 JPY (Including VAT 8%). But The Price I bought is not this price. WHYYY??…Because The figure is Tamashii Web Shouten exclusive!! lol. The box contains a main figure, Optional left & right hand parts 2 pairs and 1 Lightsaber. And for those who early pre-order this item. You will get bonus parts, 1 head (Anakin battle face) and 2 Lightsabers (Use in battle with Count Dooku). Figure height is approximately 15.3 cm tall.

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