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REVIEW Hasbro Deluxe Class AUTOBOT HOT ROD Transformers The Last Knight – Walmart Exclusive

Hot Rod is a new character in Transformers The Last Knight (TF5). Deluxe Class Hot Rod is an exclusive to Walmart stores and extensive retool of Lockdown (Transformers: Age of Extinction). While almost the entire figure has been remolded exclude the lower legs and feet that remain unchanged. The figure height is approximately 14 cm tall (From head to feet) and a bit taller than Lockdown. the figure does not include any weapons or accessories. (So Sad) Hot Rod transforms into a supercar, Lamborghini Centenario. And this vehicle mode took my heart!!

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REVIEW 3A (ThreeA) TRANSFORMERS STARSCREAM BAMBALAND EXCLUSIVE EDITION ภาษาไทยกดที่นี่ Main Figure Figure stands approximately 45cm tall. Details on the figure are  very very extremely awesome from head to toe.  Paint Application is very very awesome too, Glossy color on the figure make it looks like a true machine combine with stain, rust, scratch and battle damaged. Perfect!!…

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